You can purchase these materials through: 

First Year Private Students - Beginner to Advanced Beginner 

  • Walter Beeler Method for the Cornet/Trumpet Book 1  
    Publisher:  Alfred Music  

Core Method Books - Intermediate and Advanced Students 

  • Arban’s Complete Conservatory Method
    Publisher:  Dover Editions  
  • Technical Studies for Cornet/Trumpet by Herbert L. Clarke
    Publisher:  Carl Fischer  
  • Daily Drills and Technical Studies  by Max Schlossberg  
    Publisher:  M Barron  
  • Long Tone Studies by Vincent Cichowicz 
    Publisher:  Studio 259 Productions


State Band Auditions 

Junior All State Band audition music is selected from:  

  • Second Book of Practical Studies by Robert Getchel  
    Publisher: Alfred Music  

Senior All State Band Audition Music is selected from:  

  • Rubank Selected Studies H. Voxman  
    Publisher: Rubank

Recommended Supplemental Method Books  

Lip Flexibilities by Bai Lin  

Publisher:  Balquhidder Music   

Daily Scale Builder by Rob Roy McGregor   

Publisher:  Balquhidder Music  

Concone Lyrical Studies for Trumpet  Transcribed by John Sawyer  
Publisher:  Brass Press 

Odd Meter Etudes by Everett Gates  

Publisher:   Alfred Music 

Lyrical Etudes for Trumpet - Volume 1 by Phil Snedecor 

Lyrical Etudes for Trumpet - Volume 2 by Phil Snedecor 

Publisher:  PAS Music - Robert King Music Sales 

Flow Studies, Vol. 1 by Vincent Cichowicz 

Flow Studies, Vol. 2 by Vincent Cichowicz 

Publisher:  Studio 259 Productions 

100 Studies for Trumpet by Ernst Sachse, Edited by Franz Herbst 
Publisher:  International Music Company 

36 Etudes Transcendantes for Trumpet by Théo Charlier - Editions Musicales 

Publisher:  Alphonse Leduc 

Charlier Companion (Duets to the Transcendental Etudes) by James Olcott 

Publisher:  Triplo Press 

Studies on Orchestral Motives (34) (Nagel) 

Publisher:  International Music Company 

First Book of Practical Studies for Cornet and Trumpet by Robert W. Getchell 

Publisher:   Alfred Music 

240 Double and Triple Tonguing Exercises by Victor Salvo   
Publisher:  Alfred Music 

Extended Flexibility for Trumpet by Raymond Mase 

Publisher:  Editions BIM 

27 Groups of Exercises by Earl Irons
Publisher:  Southern Music Co.

Modern Flexibilities for Brass by Scott Belck
Publisher:  GIA Publications

Advanced Lip Flexibilities for Trumpet by Dr. Charles Colin 
Publisher:  Charles Colin Publications 

Articulation Studies by Chris Gekker 

Publisher:  Transition Publications  Distributor: Charles Colin Publications 

Etudes & Duets for Trumpet by Anthony Plog 

Publisher:  Editions BIM